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Family Intervention Fremont CA

Getting Help for Family Intervention

Interventions are a great method for getting the person you love into treatment that has fallen victim to substance abuse. It also allows for friends and family of the person to voice concerns, anger and hurts that have occurred because of the addiction the loved one is struggling with. An intervention can be held by the family or coordinated by a trained interventionist with the family. No one wants to feel used by someone who’s going through addiction so an intervention is a great way to get all the feelings out on the table and help persuade your loved one into treatment.

What is an Intervention?

Intervention is often an effective counseling tool used to inspire action within your loved one who is suffering from drug addiction to get treatment and stay clean because of the concern and damage they are doing to friends and family around them. The intervention often comes after pleas from family and friends for the addict to get help result in false promises or denial. When faced with an intervention, it is hard for the addict to be in denial of the addiction or their actions. Intervention is a staged event where friends and family confront the person and ask them to get treatment. The goal of all interventions is to get the loved one into treatment and living a better life. Intervention can be led be the family members or a close friend or facilitated by a trained interventionist. An interventionist is a counselor who has been trained in confrontations and addiction and can facilitate the best way for friends and family to understand their loved ones addiction and help get across their point to the loved one they are confronting.

How is Intervention Different from Treatment?

Intervention is before detox and treatment begins. A person has to choose to enter treatment whereas an intervention is held largely without the loved one’s knowledge and is an attempt to get them to realize their addiction. Simply put, an intervention is staged when an addict will not admit their addiction and treatment is when an addict admits they have a problem and seeks help. If you would like to stage an intervention for someone you love, call A Better Today so that we can help. We have tools avaiable to help you stage an effective intervention and can help you find an interventionist should you need one. We also provide detox and rehabiliation services should your loved one choose to go through with treatment. Call us today: (510) 244-3445.