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Detox & Withdrawal Safely Fremont, CA

Finding help with Detox and Withdrawal Near Fremont, CA

If you’re feeling stuck in your addiction, you know that withdrawal isn’t a joke and it can be quite painful. You either have to go through a full detox or score another fix to avoid it but if you want to quit your substance abuse you may not know where to start or even how to. You may also be scared. At A Better Today we know that the idea of withdrawal and detox is scary but it is a necessary process to start the healing process of recovery. When you enter into the program you will have a trained staff medically supervising all aspects of your withdrawal so you don’t have to worry about the complications that could arise if you were doing this on your own. Call us today so a qualified representative can talk to you about our process and find the right treatment option for you: (510) 244-3445.

What to Know About Detox

Detox is the body going into withdrawal from a substance with the intention that the body will be rid of foreign chemicals afterwards and in a less clinical way, it’s also a scary word. Detox and withdrawal are seen as painful even to people who aren’t struggling with substance abuse. It seems like the end of the road but A Better Today sees detox as a beginning to starting a new life. Without detox you can’t start on your road to recovery and we know how terrifying this can be so we have dedicated full time staff at our facilities to help you through the process to assure your safety and to try to make the process as comfortable as possible. While detox may depend on the amount and type of substances each client is on, we know that each individual will need a varying amount of time to detox so we make sure that this medically supervised process is tailored to each client who comes through the door. Without going through detox and withdrawal, you cannot begin on the road to recovery.

Why Treatment After Detox is Important

Detox is important because it rids your body of the chemicals but treatment is important because it teaches you mental ways to cope without using your substance of choice. Many people go through just detox and end up relapsing again because they don’t have the tools to stay clean after they’ve detoxed. Treatment gives you the tools that you need to survive after detox and ensures that you enjoy life without your substance abuse after treatment. Those who follow their detox with recovery have a higher success rate than those who don’t. Treatment varies from coping mechanisms via behavioral therapy to group therapy to find out which situations to avoid. Whether you attend inpatient or outpatient treatment is up to you but those who travel to an inpatient facility often have better results after their detox because there are no distractions or triggers associated with outpatient treatment close to home. A Better Today is committed to finding the best treatment solution for you and by reaching out you’re taking the first step to living clean.
Wouldn’t it be great if you could live free from your addiction? If you’re ready to take the next step and live clean, call us today and start the process. Your insurance could cover the entire cost of treatment or a large part of it. Call us today so we can help you on your road to recovery! Call (510) 244-3445.