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Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Fremont, CA

If you’ve lost a lot to addiction, we want to help you get it back again. At A Better Today, we know that relationships, careers and much more are harmed by addiction and regardless of your history, we want to help you find a way to overcome your addiction and repair the damage it’s done to your life. Addiction is a hard cycle to break but it is possible all you need is the drive to do it and then make the effort and A Better Today will be there to help along the way. If you aren’t sure what option is right for you, call one of our counselors today and they can help you figure out a treatment plan that best suits your needs. Recovery doesn’t have to be complicated, as long as you want to be clean then we can help you get there. Call us now (510) 244-3554.

How Addiction Hurts

Addiction first starts by damaging the mind and body. For the body, this could be damage to the liver by trying to clean the blood from so many chemicals or the veins might collapse from overuse, but whatever it is one thing that occurs in everyone’s body is the rewiring of the brain to need the substance of choice to function and feel good or release dopamine. Our bodies release dopamine naturally most of the time but when you put a substance into the mix like drugs or alcohol the body gets confused and floods your system with dopamine. After a time, it takes more and more drugs and/or alcohol to get this affect and could result in death due to overdose. The body seems like it is most affected due to addiction but after detox, it’s not the biggest battle. The hardest aspect of addiction is overcoming how it re-wires your brain to want the drug and the behaviors that you participated in when you were under the influence. Drugs and/or alcohol can make people do crazy things like steal from a loved one or worse, physically harm someone the addict loves because they are either under the influence or going through a slight withdrawal and need to get their fix. Addiction hurts you and those around you but it doesn’t have to be an ongoing cycle, by entering treatment today you can start to heal relationships and your body from the cycle of addiction.

Personalized Treatment

Addiction is highly personalized to the individual and so at A Better Today we believe that the treatment needs to be individually tapered to each client. Stories of how someone fell into addiction may appear similar but they affected people mentally, physically and emotionally different. No two cases are exactly the same. Some people may need a 30-day program while other participants may need a few months in the program and allowing people to go at their pace is important to us for a successful recovery. We want to make sure that every client, once they complete the program, has the tools to continue to live and thrive in a clean living situation. To start on your way to recovery call us today: (510) 244 -3445.