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Addiction Treatment near Fremont

Find Qualified Addiction Treatment Near Fremont, CA to Make a Fresh Start

Finding an outpatient or inpatient treatment facility near Fremont, California is easy when you partner with A Better Today. We have a network of treatment centers and options for rehab after you’ve successfully gone through detox and we know that it’s important to find a personalized solution for you. When you go into treatment, a personalize approach is best because it decreases the chance of relapse after completing treatment. Call us today at (510) 244-3445 to talk to a qualified admissions representative about starting treatment and ending addiction for good.

Dangers of Addiction

Addiction is dangerous to both the body and the world around you. The body suffers because it has to process harmful chemicals like drugs or alcohol repeatedly and at increased amounts to get the same result as before. The brain also re-wires itself to crave and need the drug as part of daily existence which causes damage to the serotonin and dopamine receptors in the brain. While detox can help the brain begin re-wiring itself, it takes therapy to undo the behavioral changes that occurs to each client because of addiction which is why personalized treatment is so important for success. Every patient has a different body, different addiction and different emotions that all need to be addressed during the treatment phase in order for it to be successful and deter a future relapse.
Unfortunately, Addiction is not without casualties to the world around the addict either. Loved ones may suffer because of a person’s addiction because they may act out of character and begin to care only about the next time they get to use the substance they are addicted to. Relationships are the biggest thing that take a crushing blow when someone is suffering from addiction because nothing to is important to the person as their substance of choice and the next time they are able to use it. The substance may cause the addict to act out of character, saying or doing things they don’t mean, stealing from people in order to fund their addiction and destroy the trust that relationships are founded on. But relationships aren’t the only thing that suffers because of addiction, often times addiction gets in the way of holding a job and being successful. All of these things make addiction detrimental to both the addict and the world around them and this is why treatment is so important. Treatment addresses the person and helps them begin to heal the world around them as they begin recovery.

Addiction Treatment Goals

A Better Today wants to help to heal you from the inside out and while the first step with recovery is detox, it is extremely important for each person to follow up with treatment. Addiction treatment at A Better Today is tailored to each client to meet their unique needs during treatment. Some people may not feel comfortable sharing with others while other patients need support from a group in order to feel better about themselves and so while group therapy may work for one, that doesn’t mean it works for everyone. The goals of treatment are to help heal each person and help them to lead a normal life after treatment that is free from substance abuse. We want everyone who completes a treatment program to have support and coping mechanisms that help them to avoid using again when things get rough and we also want to make sure they have the tools to start rebuilding their lives again. A Better Today wants to make sure every client that goes through our program and successfully completes it has the ability to live as rich a life as they want and rebuild and maintain lasting relationships. Sound appealing to you? If you’re ready to stop using and start living, call us today: (510) 244-3445.